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About Us

Richann G. Talo started Enrich Enterprise from her passion for watches. She loves the value of time and expressed her desire through beautiful watches.

Watch is just not a piece of strap wrap around the hands of a female or male. It’s about the authentic, style, class and value it adds to fashion.

At Enrich Enterprise, we believe that a watch represents not only a part of who you are, but who you want to become. That’s why Enrich has taken the legacy of approachable and affordable quality watches for anyone, unlike other Enterprises.

We believe, time tell us a lot about culture and style. Different version of watches such as Mechanical, Quartz and smart watches tell a story of human nature.

The style of watches and jewelries you wear tells a person personality and define their taste of fashion.

We know many will say it’s just a piece of clock added to strap to tell time but for us; it’s the revolutionary changed that tells advancement of technology and fashion. In the late 15th and early 16th centuries, Peter Henlein allegedly invented the first clock watch. The invention was possible due to the creation of a watch part called the mainspring. Do you know mainspring is a wound up piece of metal ribbon that functions as the power source in mechanical watches and mechanical clocks? As time passes, waist coast got popular for men and they wanted option that could blend in well. It led to rise of pocket watch. Over hundred years later, watch makers began inventing different pieces that make watches more accurate and accessible. In the 20th centuries, women adopt to wristwatch or bracelet watch and men wrist watch in the watch industry was less of a fashion but more a tactics.

It wasn’t until 1923 that someone finally developed the first self-winding mechanism. John Harwood was that watchmaker, and the automatic watch has become one of the most popular styles of watch on the market and a symbol luxury. However, there have been other styles of watch since that have gained increasing popularity over the years.

In contrast to the automatic watch, in the 1950s watchmakers began trying to create electric watches. The idea was to create something that didn’t need to be worn or kept in a watch winder in order to keep time.

In 1959, Seiko started working on a watch that could be powered by a quartz crystal and a battery, and at the 1964 Summer Olympics, they had a working prototype.

This watch was used to time events at the games that year, and it did fairly well.

Come 1969, the first official quartz watches hit the market. Inside the watch, instead of a mainspring, you would find a quartz crystal set to a certain hertz level that was powered by a battery. The quartz movement is unlike that of the past.

In place of a mechanical balance wheel and other parts, quartz watches used a

digital counter.  However, quartz watches have lost a lot of their luster today.

In a world with Smart watches that can tell you the time and the weather, people buying traditional watches are typically looking for a piece of jewelry rather than a utilitarian timepiece. 



We’re on a path to our mission of creating multicultural environment where you can build trust and interactive relationships with more people around the world through shopping. Making our customers receive quality watches and excellent services for affordable prices. Do you know how amazing is it to serve and interact with difference people in making shopping more fun? We are dedicating our page not only to serve but build a friendly environment. Having worked in Customer service for 11years, putting smile on our customer’s faces is what we’ve strived every day to win.


Having clear vision is a prize for any business. We strive to provide quality products and excellent customer service. To ensure that vision is being met, we are working to partner with reliable companies to provide quality products in making shopping a fun. Knowing the importance of wearing a watch that tells your story of the day, makes customers feel at home and more satisfy. Have you chosen your favorite watch that tells a story about your personality? Yep! I know that feeling and we think you’ll find a watch that suits you and your style. We are here to provide that feeling with our affordable and luxury brands of watches. We are available to answer all questions relating to shipping, products and delivery time.